I believe that climate change is the greatest threat we face today. The United States should be a world-leader in taking action to combat climate change, which is why I am so appalled that the Trump Administration pulled us out of The Paris Agreement.

The facts are clear:
  • 97% of scientists agree that our climate is changing and we are the cause.
  • Our actions are having a negative impact on the quality of our water and air. There are days when the air quality is so poor that my dad can’t even go outside.
  • We must invest in clean energy, which will also create good paying jobs. We must act now. Our kids are counting on us.
  • We must dramatically reduce carbon emissions. One important step towards achieving this goal is weaning ourselves off of fossil fuels by investing in and making the switch to clean energy. The wind turbines we see throughout southern Minnesota are a fantastic example of how investing in clean energy options has already created good paying jobs for our rural communities.



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