For too long, Americans have had to make difficult decisions about whether they can afford their prescriptions and health insurance.

Too many people refrain from seeking the care they need because they cannot afford it, and too many people go without their medications due to the rapid rise in prescription drug costs.


We need to address the Affordable Care Act’s short-comings and build upon its successes. I believe:
  • Healthcare is a fundamental human right. Period.
  • We need a Medicare for All system that includes mental health parity as well as vision and dental coverage. This system will provide accessible, comprehensive, affordable, and high quality healthcare for all. Currently the United States spends $3.3 trillion each year on healthcare. The annual cost of a Medicare for All system is only $1.7trillion. This investment will lessen the current healthcare burden on families, small businesses, and farmers. By moving to an integrated single-payer system, we can finally start to get healthcare spending under control.
  • We must drive down drug prices by allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices for beneficiaries, the same way that we allow the Veterans Administration to do.
  • We should expand and protect reproductive rights as well as ensure access to care.
  • It is critical that we invest in mental health treatment to increase not only the number of providers, but the accessibility and affordability of care.


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